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ESI Developer

Video Conferencing Solution

We bring together previously incompatible audio, video and web technologies in virtual meeting rooms only radically better. People share their ideas using any device they want and technology fades into the background.

These days, any computer with a webcam and most current tablets and smartphones can be a front-end to services that offer low-cost or free videoconferencing functionality.

Most of the systems profiled here have many essential features in common, even at their most basic level, such as text chat (as well as voice/video chat) or the ability to share documents, applications or the entire desktop among conference attendees.

Features available in the more advanced tiers include the ability to record conferences, support for large numbers of people (that is, more than five or ten) and high-definition video. In all cases, there's a moderator who has control over the conference room behavior (such as who has the floor or who can show his or her desktop to the rest of the members) using a central console.