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ESI Developer

IT Operation Tools

We provide the solution to help IT people to operate the IT investment with more efficient and faster. The tools is provide with 4 component :

Application Management / Monitoring

CA-Concord, Spectrum and Wily has 3 area to monitor in IT environment:

  • Desktop
  • IP Network : LAN and WAN
  • Server including the application such as : data base, ERP, Web, email etc

Desktop Management

CA desktop management has 4 area to monitor in desktop environment to monitor and control many desktop in the enterprise:

* Unicenter Software Delivery provides facilities to create and automatically distribute software packages across all computing platforms in the enterprise. Software distributions can be performed in a controlled and timely manner, ensuring that end-users have the appropriate tools to perform their jobs and that those tools are installed in the appropriate order along with any pre-requisites to ensure their correct operation.
* Unicenter Asset Management provides facilities for capturing, maintaining and tracking asset information across the entire enterprise. Hardware and Software asset inventory is automatically captured and recorded. Powerful policy based management allows assets to be accurately tracked and maintained. This component also allows software usage to be controlled and audited to not only ascertain software usage patterns and hence future software purchasing requirements, but also to prevent users from running unauthorised or undesirable applications on their workstations.
* Unicenter Remote Control allows support personnel to access and “take-over” end-users desktop systems without having to physically visit the end-users location. This enables the support staff to quickly and efficiently resolve end-users problems. The centralised management component of Unicenter Remote Control allows administrators to assign access permissions for support personnel to control the level of access they have to individual machines or groups of machines. In-built facilities, such as compression, colour reduction and suppression of unnecessary information, allow the system to be optimised to best fit the operating environment to make the most efficient use of available system and network resources.
* Unicenter Argis Portfolio Asset Management manages detailed ownership information throughout the asset life cycle, from planning and requisitioning technology to retirement and physical disposal. Unicenter Argis Portfolio Asset Management is a scaleable, easy-to-use enterprise solution that helps organizations manage IT as a business by managing IT assets and resources as they relate to vendors, contracts and their financial impact on the organization.

Help Desk

Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk is the industry’s most complete service and support solution. It aligns service desk with business objectives, enhancing the role of a helpdesk analyst to that of a business support analyst. It accomplishes this by leveraging technologies such as extensive work flow capabilities and support for ITIL best practices.

Service Desk - Help Desk

A Service Desk is defined as a ‘one-stop’ IT service center for all kinds of IT-related issues reported. The issues may range from a PC problem to a request for additional hard disk space. The primary yardstick for Service Desk is measured by satisfaction from IT users. However, satisfying the IT users is one of the most challenging tasks for any IT service providers. And satisfaction can be influenced by various factors such as:

  • Accessibility to Service Desk
  • Resolution time for reported issues
  • Proactive support from Service Desk