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IP Telephony

IP PBX Standard Edition is our base offering. It comes with most features you would find in an enterprise class IP-PBX system, including unlimited nested auto-attendants (IVR), music-on-hold, scheduler, name directory, conference bridge, voicemail and hunt groups.

IP PBX Call Center Edition comes with all Standard Edition options plus: automatic call distribution (ACD), unlimited call queues, skills-based routing, agent call recording and a graphical reporting tool.

Product Features:

  • Telecommuter capable
  • Powerfull Scheduler Tool
  • Multiple Automatic Attendant (IVR)
  • Use VoIP (Public or Private Network), your existing phone lines or both
  • Manage your IP Telephony remotely from any web browser
  • Graphical Reporting

Network Diagram:

Below is a network diagram of how IP PBX communicates with your office network and the internet:

Advantages of IP PBX:

  • Greater flexibility for telecommuters who can now work from home more often
  • Run distributed call canters with remote agents
  • Foward your office extension to your softphone on your laptop
  • Link branch office locations for direct extension-to-extension calling
  • Reach your employees wherever they are: office, home or the road
Network Diagram IP PBX