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ESI Developer

IP Contact Center

Our Multimedia IP Contact Center Solution approach is to offer an event processing engine architecture that uses plug-in services to handle telephony, web, e-mail, database, and other event types. The connectivity between services uses IP-based communications to the notifier component for event driven communications between services. There are no “application components” to be integrated in our environment.

All PBX, voicemail, ACD, and other applications for business communications are treated as events by the application server. All changes in business logic are handled through subroutines and easily changed and modified. Media types are easily mixed for highly advanced applications like post call surveys, web-based surveys for callers, e-mail responses that generate telephone calls and much more. This event processing engine approach also means that applications are turned on or off per user or per department through licensing. Some departments may have only basic station routing requirements and others have a sophisticated contact center. Each department’s unique requirements are met by turning on licensing for that particular application. Customizations can be made to the system as it is completely open using the GUI development Tools. There is a menu-driven application to administer basic all routing and a graphical design environment to customize any aspect of the system.

This application server approach to voice over IP also means that there is less monitoring of systems. Interactive’s integrated suite of applications cuts out the requirements for about ten of our competitors’ products for PBX, voicemail, unified messaging, ACD, IVR, fax server, web chat, web collaboration, real-time system monitoring, real time user and contact center monitoring, speech recognition applications, system reporting and conference bridge applications.

Flexibility and Competitive Advantage Add Strategic Value

What is the purpose of moving to updated technology interfaces on your network, for your users and administrators if there is no strategic value to your customer contact or organization?

Our IP contact center solution approach means flexible and adaptable communications solutions that can change and grow with your business over time. Our customers gain strategic value in deploying voice over IP solutions by integrating their interaction management into their business process. Not only does our initial installation save money on administration, high cost integrations, and user training issues, but can add value in areas of your business that generate revenue or add expenses to customer service. Over time, our customers build unique applications that offer self-service, improve communications processes, and add competitive advantage to departmental services. Your communications system becomes a strategic application server on your network. We invite you to join the thousands of Interactive Intelligence customers who have gained tremendous value in not only migrating to voice over IP but integrating an innovative software system to their business to add to the bottom line.