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  IP Telephony
  IP Contact Center
  Software Base IT Operation Tools
  Security And Communications
  Video Conferencing Solution
  Networking Solution
  Digital Solution
Soundpoint 550 Soundpoint 331
IP Telephony
Business Comunication Systems - IP Telephony
IP PBX Standard Edition
  Unlimited Nested Auto-Attendants (IVR)
  Name Directory
  Conference Bridge
  Hunt Groups
IP Contact Center
Business Comunication Systems - IP Contact Center
Handle telephony, web, e-mail, database, and other event types...
Flexible and adaptable communications solutions that can change and grow with your business over time...
Software base IT Operation Tools
Software Base IT Operation Tools
  Application Management / Monitoring
  Network and System Management
  Desktop Management
  Help Desk
Security And Communications
Security And Communications
Integration between:
IT infrastructure
IP Telephony
Security device

PT. Elektrodata Sistem Integrasi was founded in early 2003 with the head office firstly located in Multika Building 2th floor, Jl. Mampang Prapatan No. 71-73, South Jakarta before finally moved to its own building on September 2008 at Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 28 Blok C3, South Jakarta.

PT. Elektrodata Sistem Integrasi is determined to the purpose of providing Business Communication System, Security System and IT Solutions to meet and serve the needs of the emerging market of Business Communication System, Security System and IT Solutions in Indonesia. Our anticipation to the emergence of the needs of the market is not only by selling and providing the products, but also by providing the consultation and solution, as well as by establishment of early relationships with Financial Institution companies, Utilities companies, Hotels and Government institutions.

Today, PT. Elektrodata Sistem Integrasi offers the most comprehensive range of Business Communication System, Security System and IT Solution from stand alone system to sophisticated systems linked to the Local Area Networking (LAN) or to the global networking environment.

PT. Elektrodata Sistem Integrasi holds to a people-oriented philosophy. Our staffs have strong background experience in each product solution as we provide vast opportunities for people to learn and develop in order to meet the demands of an increasingly complex and dynamic Business Communication industry. We allocate funds for quality trainings, either overseas or local, to equip staffs with required knowledge and skills. Trainings are comprehensively combined with continuous on the job training under the supervision of our expatriate experts.

PT. Elektrodata Sistem Integrasi has developed in response to the challenges and the rewards offered by both technological and business development of the Business Communication Industry. We will continue to build on our prior achievements to continuously grow and maintain our position as a reputable vendor of Business Communication, Security System and IT Solution providing total customer solutions, an area in which we excel and will continue to excel.

Know well Who are our Business Partner.

Is our philosophy to build a long term relationship with our customer and to be National Leader in Business Communication System, Security System and IT Solution distribution.


To achieve High Sales and Technical Excellence in a clearly defined Business Communication System and Security System to establish Mutually Beneficial Relationship with both the customers and suppliers.

Corporate Strategy:

Capital Concentration, Small Working Team with Reliable Skills & Marketing Philosophy.

Corporate Objective:

To provide the best result to our stakeholders according to their interests. To make sure that our customers are always able to get the latest appropriate technology to support and develop their business.

Line of Business or Specialization:

Business Communication System, Security System and IT Solution provider.

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